Digital X-Ray

At Medicross Limited, we offer a range of digital X-ray services to help diagnose and manage a variety of medical conditions. Our highly skilled and experienced radiology professionals and support staff are dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality care.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

  • A digital X-ray is a medical imaging test that uses X-rays and advanced computer technology to create detailed images of the body. Digital X-rays are commonly used to diagnose various medical conditions, including bone fractures, joint abnormalities, and other conditions that can be seen on an X-ray.

Our Digital X-Ray Services

  • Digital X-ray examinations: We offer a range of digital X-ray examinations to help diagnose and manage medical conditions, including X-rays of the head, chest, abdomen, and other body areas.

    Digital X-ray consultations: Our radiologists can provide consultations to discuss test results and recommend treatment options.

    Digital X-ray education: We offer a range of educational resources to help our patients better understand their medical condition and how to manage it.

    Digital X-ray research: We are actively involved in digital X-ray research, working to advance the field and improve patient care.

Why Choose Medicross Limited for Digital X-Rays in Kenya?

  • Experienced team: Our team includes some of Kenya's most experienced and respected radiologists.

    Comprehensive care: We offer a full range of digital X-ray services, including examinations, consultations, education, and research.

    Patient-centered approach: We are dedicated to providing personalized, compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

    Advanced technology: We use cutting-edge digital X-ray technology and equipment to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Our digital X-ray machines are equipped with the latest technology and software, allowing us to perform high accuracy and efficiency scans.

Best Clinic in Kenya for Digital X-Rays

  • At Medicross Limited, we are proud to be recognized as one of the best clinics in Kenya for digital X-rays. Our experienced radiologists and support staff are dedicated to helping our patients diagnose and manage their medical conditions through advanced imaging technology and expert consultation.

    Data on Digital X-Rays in Kenya

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the use of digital X-rays in Kenya is increasing, with a growing number of healthcare facilities offering digital X-ray services.
    The WHO estimates that the cost of a digital X-ray in Kenya ranges from 500 to 5,000 Kenyan shillings (KES), depending on the specific type of X-ray being performed.
    The leading indications for digital X-rays in Kenya are bone fractures, joint abnormalities, and other conditions that can be seen on an X-ray.